Alex Bendlage


Photo by Caitlyn Fisher and Hugh Banderbob

Maddy Crist , Editorial Editor

Q: You have been at Kennedy for one year correct? 

A: Yes, I have been here for the entire school year, but I also subbed here quite a bit at the end of last year.

Q: What science courses have you taught during your time here?

A: I have taught FOS: Energy all year as well covered for the small group of AP Physics C kids when Mrs. Kittredge couldn’t make it in. This term I am teaching Astronomy as well.

Q: What experiences have you gained from teaching at Kennedy?

A: As a first year teacher, Kennedy has given me a chance to “spread my wings” in a sense and teach the way I want to teach in my own classroom. Before this I had worked with older kids and younger kids, but this has been my first time working with freshman. It has been a fun change and I’ve really enjoyed watching some of them adapt to high school as they start to mature or find their place. Kennedy also has a great staff which makes it a lot easier to come to work every day.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

A: My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the kids in my classroom. Day to day, or even class to class, you never know what the kids will have in store for you, so starting every day has been exciting. It has been stressful at times, but there is rarely a dull moment when it comes to teaching, especially with freshman!

Q: What is your next step after leaving Kennedy?

A: After Kennedy I will be back on the job hunt. I would like to stick around Cedar Rapids, where I am from, but would be open to any science subject. If nothing pans out I will go back to subbing where I can hopefully spend some more time at Kennedy with some familiar faces.