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Kennedy High School
4545 Wenig Road NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
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Torch is a student-produced media that serves as a public forum for Kennedy High School.

Student media are recognized by the Cedar Rapids School District Board of Education (Policy: 609) as “vital and necessary tools of education to be utilized in teaching students the purposes and functions of mass media in a democratic society.” Official school publications are free from prior restraints by school officials except as provided by law. A student editorial board is responsible for the content of official school media. The Editorial Board and its faculty adviser are mindful of community standard and also guided by Iowa Code section 280.22. (See also: Free speech/Iowa Schools)

Our staff and adviser are committed to producing a top quality student media, applying high standards of writing, editing and production. We seek to fairly serve faculty, students and staff, showing no favoritism to decisions about content which are the responsibility of the individual editors and the Torch Editorial Board.

Student editors and student staff
There are various routes for participating in Kennedy Torch. We meet daily as a class, led by an outstanding Student Editorial Board and guided by a faculty adviser (MJE). Kennedy Torch is an elective that students can take each semester of high school.  Torch counts toward students’ Language Arts 5-Year graduation honor and also factors into students’ college RAI scores for admission.

Students can enroll after first taking Introduction to Media, a foundational course with hands-on media experiences and education. Our senior editors have this coursework. Students may also enroll after taking semester photography, computer, writing, or arts classes, earning a teacher recommendation and with approval from the Torch adviser.

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