The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

Ethan Head gets ready to perform in Macys Great American Marching Band

Senior Ethan Head Marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Jersey Bilyeu, Writer, Photographer December 8, 2021

On Thanksgiving Day, 10 marching bands performed in a national Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In Macy's Great American Marching Band, Kennedy senior Ethan Head could be seen playing bass for the drumline. Head...

Miles Wilson looks to pass Dubuque Hempstead with Henry McMahan close behind.

Miles Wilson Breaks Cross Country School Record

Nolyn Melsha, Writer October 27, 2021

As the varsity boys are running towards the end of the cross country season, Miles Wilson is a step ahead of the rest. The Cougar Cross Country team has had a season of strong finishes including a first...

Lorena Harger administers a Spanish One written test.

Colombia to The United States

Maggie Talbott-Malone and Jasmine Hite February 27, 2021

Lorena Harger, a Spanish teacher at Kennedy high school, always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  When she was little she helped her father, a teacher back in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia.  Harger’s...

Mariah Griffin (left) and Jennifer McAtee (right) are ready to start the class.

Learning To Teach in an Upside-Down World

Jasmine Hite, Writer February 18, 2021

In the shadow of Kennedy High School’s Jennifer McAtee stands Mariah Griffin, a student of the University of Iowa studying to become a geometry teacher. Although her student teaching has been abnormal...

Peyton Kach posed for her senior photos with an instrument to represent one of her passions: music.

The Dream of a Musician

Jasmine Hite and Kaylia Richards January 7, 2021

Music is something a person can fall in love with. Peyton Kach, senior at Kennedy High school is ready to pursue her passion for music. Kach is ready to step into the music industry with her new EP. The...

Noah Loehr, Sr. at Kennedy High School accepts who he is.

Taking Pride in Expression

Claire Beaman, Writer May 16, 2020

As a sophomore in high school, senior Noah Loehr was verbally harassed in the school bathroom by an upperclassman he had never met simply because of what he was wearing.  The situation became known...

Anna Charaeva presents the flag of Georgia. Photo provided by Charaeva.

Kennedy from a Foreign View

Anabel Bradley, Writer March 10, 2020

Foreign exchange students come to Kennedy High School with a variety of backgrounds. The school has hosted up to five foreign exchange students from around the world for many years. Anna Charaeva, jr.,...

Adrian Evans teaching a lesson in AP World History

A Teacher Who’s Here to Help

Maggie Talbott-Malone, Writer March 5, 2020

In the current age, students like myself and others deal with anxiety, depression, and the pressures of being perfect. It’s very common that this causes stress and less motivation. But, amid all of the...

Jackie Garcia attending a pep assembly at Kennedy High School, posing with handfuls of confetti.

Standing Up Against Social Injustices

Abby Bonat, Writer June 11, 2019

To the naked eye, Jackie Garcia may seem like an average eighteen-year-old high school student, but behind her tightly curled hair and relaxed demeanor is a girl who has encountered more challenges and...

Imam Hassan Selim, prayer leader at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids.

A Journey of Understanding

Jack McGrane, Writer June 10, 2019

Imam Hassan Selim from Cairo, Egypt, is an integral leader of the Muslim community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He leads prayers at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids and is the vice president of the Inter-religious...

Members of the GSA at Kennedy Highschool, whose club was sponsored and supported the club.

Goodbye, Farewell

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer June 4, 2019

As the year comes to a close, the goodbyes are abundant throughout Kennedy High School. As seniors are sent off to college and beyond, many forget the staff and faculty who are retiring after years of...

Peterson (bottom front) and other future soldiers at the Rough Riders Ice Arena attending an event for Veterans Day, 2018

Justin Peterson: Future US Army Combat Medic

Olivia Riley-Schmelzer, Writer June 3, 2019

Senior Justin Peterson made the decision to officially enlist in the US Army on October 12, 2018. Although it wasn’t originally apart of his plan, he eventually chose to enlist after realizing the experience...

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