The Student News Source Of Kennedy High School

Kennedy Torch

The Student News Source Of Kennedy High School

Kennedy Torch

The Student News Source Of Kennedy High School

Kennedy Torch

New legislation passed to allow districts to decide if staff can open carry a weapon. Teachers are conflicted.

Are We Safe Yet?

Madelyn Gilchrist, Designer June 3, 2024

Students pose with teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Torch Celebrates the Kennedy Teaching Staff for Teacher Appreciation Week

Staff Editorial May 10, 2024

The halls of Kennedy are not only filled with exceptional students, but also exceptional teachers. Teachers fill the school with knowledge, support and care. In honor of teacher appreciation week, Torch...

As consumers we tend to skim nutrition labels...would you even notice if it read may contain rats ?

Rats: A New Superfood In Your Drink?

Annabelle Ovel, Writer May 7, 2024

Consumers display a concerning habit of failing to research the killer ingredients in their store-bought, processed drinks before consuming them. A range of Gatorade flavors contains Yellow 5 or Red 40—both...

Caitlin Clark posing for a picture with WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert after being chosen first overall to the Indiana Fever.

Rising Stars: A Look Into the WNBA Draft and the Future of Women’s Basketball

Samuella Kasha, Writer May 3, 2024

For the first time in WNBA history, the draft is making headlines across the nation. The 2024 draftees have broken records, garnished media attention and changed the way people think about women's basketball. The...

Photo of protesters showing support for Iowas transgender youth in light of recent governmental changes.

Names and Gender Identity: Iowa’s Censorship Struggle Takes a Step Too Far

Sonja Woerner, Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2024

“Keara?” Silence met the name, halting the flow of roll call. “Is Keara here?” Still, nothing. “Keara Black?” To this, a hand snapped up and a quick “here” followed. The...

Ariana Grandes Eternal Sunshine album cover.

Ariana Grande’s Eternal Sunshine Review

Charlotte Thephravong, Writer April 18, 2024

Ariana Grande transformed from a child actor to a world-renowned artist in a matter of years. On March 8, 2024, Grande released Eternal Sunshine, covering her journey on her transition from a relationship...

With the release of JoJo Siwas new song Karma has caused her family friendly reputation to go up in flames.

Bows Gone Bad: The Downfall of JoJo Siwa

Emma Beachner, writer April 16, 2024

Beloved child star Joelle Joanie Siwa, more commonly known as JoJo, released a shocking single that pushed her into a new era of her career. The single Karma is an upbeat pop song with a catchy beat....

Kennedys student section turn up in a Green Out to support players, cheering over a made shot.

“It’s Just a Part of the Game”: Addressing Kennedy Student Section Behavior

Samuella Kasha, Writer April 3, 2024

With the end of another undefeated regular season for the Kennedy Varsity Boys Basketball team, Kennedy sports teams continue to prove why they’re some of the best in the state. However, having such...

House File 2612 makes many changes to  current services within Iowa school districts

Iowa’s New AEA Bill Reforms School District Funding

Annabelle Ovel, Writer March 7, 2024

The new AEA bill, House File 2612, has proven to be very controversial; with nine Republicans switching support to the Democratic opposition and Iowa House lawmakers voting 51-43. Moreover, this bill has...

Thematic map displaying book ban attempts nationally in 2022.

Source: American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom

Silencing Stories: Iowa Book Bans and the Censorship Struggle

Samuella Kasha, Writer March 5, 2024

Book banning is counterproductive.  The purpose of education is to provide young adults with factual and pertinent knowledge by teaching them about various subjects and history in a supervised setting....

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