The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

The student news site of John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennedy Torch

Phones are taking up parents attention

Electronics vs. Kids

Abby Bunker, Writer December 21, 2021

Teens are commonly accused of being addicted to their phones, but parents’ phone usage is rarely questioned. Parents often are ignoring their children for their phones and do not care for them because...

Social media apps send constant notifications to convince users to dive back in.

Social Media Trend “School Shooter Day” Causes Scare

Brianna Martin, Writer December 21, 2021

On Thursday, Dec. 16, schools nationwide were made aware the following Friday was “School Shooter Day.” Students across the country chose to stay home. The CRCSD reported 39% of its 16,000 students...

PDA Has To Stop

PDA Has To Stop

Emma Alcorn, Writer December 16, 2021

Walking down the hallways of any high school can be an adventure. The halls are filled with high-energy students, yelling, swearing and in short just being kids. Most of the activities are harmless. The...

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Inclusivity and Understanding the Transgender Community

Neenah Alyassiri, Writer November 30, 2021

The transgender community is a diverse group. Trans-male, trans-female, genderqueer and genderfluid are all under the transgender umbrella. Trans people deserve to express themselves like anyone else. A...

Teens today are often willing to talk about their own mental health.

Teen Mental Health Needs Attention

Emma Alcorn, Writer November 17, 2021

In high school today, more and more students are experiencing mental illnesses. This is most visible when students act up, troll social media and open up discussions about it. Teen mental health needs...

Dear Evan Hansen was originally written as a Broadway Musical by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

“Dear Evan Hansen” Review

Lizzy Hawkes, Photographer, Writer October 28, 2021

Excitement coursed through my veins as I walked the theater halls toward the "Dear Evan Hansen" showing. I was ready for a narrative that brought me out of reality. Instead, I was hit with an all-too-believable...

Kennedy reinstated a mask mandate following Judge Pratts restraining order on Iowas ban on mask mandates in schools.

Reynolds is Fighting the Wrong Battle

Anabel Bradley, Writer September 17, 2021

The first day of school for the CRCSD was Aug. 23. After 19 days of school, COVID-19 notifications have become routine. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds continues to fight Iowa schools’ attempts at COVID-19 mitigation.  U.S....

Teens Voices Get Heard

Teens’ Voices Get Heard

Dylan Sines, Writer August 13, 2021

From picket signs to phone calls, teens are taking responsibility in politics. It’s never too soon to take action. In politics, the right to vote isn’t necessary to make a difference. When everything...

The Class of Compromise

The Class of Compromise

Alyssa Friedley, Writer June 11, 2021

The first time students walked Kennedy’s halls since the pandemic and the devastating derecho felt different. There were expectations of a completely different school. They expected feeling a little...

Students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of school work they receive.

Students’ Mental Health Matters

Natalie Ruggeri, Writer June 4, 2021

53% of Iowa youth did not receive treatment for Major Depressive Episodes (MDE) in 2020 according to Mental Health America (MHA). Now, in June 2021, that number has likely increased after students discovered...

Photo Via Iowa Public Radio Images. Kim Reynolds speaking to her constituents in Iowa.

Leave School Decisions in the Hands of the Educators

Jami Martin-Trainor, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2021

Kim Reynolds signed a law early this morning removing the mask mandate in all Cedar Rapids public schools immediately. The CRCSD has no choice but to comply. Regardless of vaccination status, no student...

Paul Barnard, his wife Xin, son Mikael, and daughter Bethany all smile for a family photo in 2018.

Stand Up for the AAPI Community

Claire Beaman, Writer May 12, 2021

More hatred has surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is wrongfully believed China is solely to blame for the global pandemic. Due to this belief and the poor handling of the pandemic in America, some...

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