Celebrating Two Important Events


Carson Uthe

Carson Uthe celebrating his birthday with his friends at the end of the year.

Mary Shaine Devaras, Writer

Junior Carson Uthe’s birthday is on Christmas Day. It’s very important to him to celebrate his birthday and Christmas on the same day.

“My family has always made an effort to keep my birthday and Christmas Day separate,” Uthe said. “We spend the morning and afternoon celebrating Christmas. In the evening, we celebrate my birthday.”

Uthe’s family always makes his birthday special because they don’t want him to feel like it’s less important.

“Since my birthday is on Christmas Day, my friends and I celebrate my birthday on a different day. I understand that Christmas should be spent with family,” Uthe said.

Even though, Uthe doesn’t celebrate his birthday with his friends on the 25th, he says, “their birthday posts and messages are enough to make my day.”

“My family is a huge fan of traditions so we always have the same kind of meals and spend Christmas Day with the same people,” Uthe said.

Uthe’s family enjoys cooking a lot of food for lunch and dinner. They celebrate Christmas at their house with all of his family there.

“The first question people ask me is if I get more presents,” Uthe said. “I get the same amount of presents as anyone else would.”

On Christmas Eve, Uthe and his family opens some Christmas and birthday presents.

“I like celebrating my birthday on Christmas Day because everyone is joyful, and their good moods just add to my birthday,” Uthe said. “The most important thing for me is spending time with the people I care about.”