Football: Not Just for Men

Lillie Wood, jr., is first Kennedy High School girl to make the team

Anafer Millsap, Photo Editor

Linebacker and running back Lillie Wood, jr., is the first Kennedy High School girl to make the varsity football team. 

“When I lived down in Tennessee, I used to play (football) all the time with my family,” Wood said.

Wood started playing football when she was young, and has played ever since. 

“I just love the sport. I have a huge passion for it and it kind of makes me feel at home,” Wood said.

Wood didn’t see playing varsity as moving to a harder level, rather she saw it as another opportunity to play the sport she loves.

Wood’s parents have been supportive of her choice to participate in a predominately male sport. As she gets older and the possibility of her getting injured goes up, they are not completely convinced she should continue.

“The amount of work I put  in the past week determines whether or not I get in and I believe I get put in a fair amount,” Wood said.

 The last time Wood played in a game was Kennedy against Burlington where she carried the ball. The Cougars came out with a 49-14 win.

“I haven’t, and on the team I don’t believe I get discriminated,” Wood said. “But I do believe that there are people that believe I shouldn’t play because I’m a girl and should play volleyball instead. But nothing from the team.”                                                 

The remarks don’t stop Wood from doing what she loves to do. Wood can’t wait for the season to start up again next fall.