The Crowned


Darby Herridge

Ellie Grovert crowned by previous homecoming queen Macy Schares.

Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor

As you know Kennedy’s Homecoming queen and king are seniors Ellie Grovert and James Tolly. It was a surprise to both Grovert and Tolly that they were going to be crowned the queen and king.

“I was so happy and honored. I felt this sense of belonging. I love my school so much, proud to be the the school’s 50th king,” Tolly said.

Tolly’s favorite part of homecoming court was answering the questions during the assembly. He didn’t feel like he gave the best answers, but enjoyed making fun of Mr. Hayes.

“My crown is on my dresser and I don’t think it’s ever going to move. This wek was one of the best of my life and when things get down in the future I want to remember last night to help me realize things always get better,” Tolly said.

Tolly feels that he was chosen because he always chooses to be nice to people as much as he can and that he has great school spirit. He loves belonging to this student body. Tolly said that Kennedy High School is his home and that he achieved acceptance from it and that’s what he has always wanted.

“It’s the coolest thing ever that Ellie is queen, I love her,” Tolly said. “Ever since she saw me play Buddy The Elf, I’ve had a special connection with her and I’m proud to be her king.”

When Govert was crowned she said “What is happening?”

Grovert walked with her parents and brother along with her good friend Aubree Langhurst, who is also her date to this year’s homecoming dance. Grovert dressed up as an owl and asked Langhurst.

“When I became the queen everyone was cheering Ellie, Ellie, Ellie,” Grovert said.

After being crowned Grovert loved eating popcorn and cheering on the cougars as they played football, which is her favorite sport, while wearing her crown.