Torch members visit KCRG


Junior Abby Donovan tries out her meteorology and broadcasting skills at KCRG-TV 9 studios.

Brant Barnhart, Writer

Seven members of the Torch staff got the chance to visit KCRG on Feb. 19.  Brant Barnhart, so., Xander Riley, jr., Emily Sass, so., Brooke Timmerman, so., Elianna Novitch, jr., Rowan Bergen so., and Abby Donovan, jr. attended. There they got to know the ins and outs of broadcast journalism.

First, they went to a story brainstorming session. After that, they sat in on a meeting where they got to meet Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki, and learn how a news broadcast gets put together. They then went into the studio to see how the broadcast is set up and how the equipment works, including the fact that most of the equipment on stage is moveable.

They also met meteorologists Joe Winters and Brinley Ritz, and learned how they do their job.  Then they went up to see the control room and learned how much work it takes to keep the station up and running.  Then they went back down to the newsroom and learned how tough it is to use the meteorologist projector.  Finally, they got to  watch Bruce Aune film the promos for the night’s newscast.