Snow Day Make Ups

Some students wonder if and when they are going to have to make up snow days and two hour delays that will plague this winter.

The new state law set in by the Cedar Rapids School District is now that students must attend 10,080 school hours instead of 180 days like in the previous years.

Students will have to make up full snow days and the two hours missed from the delays. The first school calendar make up day is Monday, Feb. 16. It will be a full day of school. In case of more snow days, there is another day in the year planned to make it up. That next make up day will be Thursday, March 5. If there are more hours needed to be made up, the school district may have to modify the daily schedule.

“The decision on how we’re going to make up these hours will be made around Spring break,” Cedar Rapids Community School District superintendent, Dr. David Benson said.

Half days that are used for professional development for teachers will not be turned into full days in order to make up hours unless special circumstances occur.

If there happens to be a two hour delay on a half day, the half day will be cancelled and go to a full day. Students will get out at normal time, 2:45 p.m.

In previous years, seniors have not had to make up snow days other than the ones implanted in the original school year. When switching to hours from days, this may have been a concern to seniors this year.

“Graduation is set, contracts have been lent for Cell center downtown. That’s set in stone,” said Benson. Seniors are not expected to make up snow hours once they have graduated.

Many factors are considered when deciding to delay and cancel school. Some of those factors are road conditions, cold temperatures, and the ability for teachers and faculty to arrive at their employment.

“It’s mainly about the overall safety,” Benson said.