Special Education Fundraiser

Special Education Fundraiser

Morgan Schwab, Writer

Vera Ruchotzke’s special education class has been fundraising for the Madge Phillips Center’s shelter for women and children. Ruchotzke’s class sold treats in the foyer Dec. 15 and 16 raising a total of 200 dollars.

Last year the language arts students raised 150 dollars for the Kennedy High School student who was hit by a car last year on 42nd street. The donations helped with his hospital bills.

In the past years they have raised money for other organizations.

“I’ve got a visually impaired student who chose to donate to his camp that he goes to,” Ruchotzke said.

The students make the treats themselves and decorate them for the holidays.

Waypoint provides shelter and support for women and families in crisis due to homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence. It also provides quality and affordable childcare.

Kennedy is not the only organization that donated to Waypoint. Last year over 1,500 gifts were given to children in need. Each mother also received a gift.