Students share their world

Ron Lund, Writer

Students and exchange students met together at Xavier high school to participate in the Xavier International Round Table and discuss national and international affairs. The Xavier International Round Table is a diverse environment that includes many different nationalities and allows students from different countries and schools to interact together in a way that normally wouldn’t be possible. This meeting took place on Nov. 7.

The Xavier International Round Table is a city-wide organization founded in 1984. The main goal is to engage students in a non-formal setting to share their thoughts and ideas on America. Many students prefer America to their home country.
“I became an exchange student because I finished high school and I wanted to further my education, and I wanted to go see Americans, they are so big”, said Elisabeth Verwer, jr., an exchange student from the Netherlands .
“I believe that the biggest difference is the weather. It is very cold in America”, said Peng Gao, jr., an exchange student from China. Many students commented on the environment and weather from the buildings. “The first thing I have experienced that is scary to me is America’s clothing, it is not pretty”, said Haitham Suleiman, jr., an exchange student from Tanzania.
Students from other countries had many different opinions on the school environment.
“In Africa the teachers will hit you if you do not listen or receive a bad grade, American classes are easier”, said Adurey Mzuza, jr., an exchange student from DR Congo. ” I like school here, I want to stay here and graduate and go home after because it is easy.”
The event was very humorous to students and faculty as the personal views on America came out. Three exchange students from Linn-Mar agreed that American cuisine consists of only cheese and bacon. Tixiana Dupuy, jr., an exchange student from France, said, ” I like American boys better. They are handsome, but all the good boys are taken.”
Angel, jr., an exchange student from the Philippines, said, ” I don’t think American white men are attractive because they are big and look like monsters. I think Ukraine guys are hotter because they are more confident and smarter.”
 Students from China also agreed that people in America are divided into three groups, cat people, people-people, and dog people.
The day also included the chance to sit in on a typical Xavier classroom. The typical class period starts with students pulling out their iPads and submitting their daily homework, which is completed electronically. Students do not have assignment due dates, but all assignments must be turned in by the end of the trimester.