Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Abby Donovan, Sports Editor

The comic drama Picasso at the Lapin Agile is coming to the Kennedy Auditorium October 2, 3, and 4. The play takes place in 1904 at a bar where Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso cross paths. The play takes place before either one of them is very publicly known. They are in the middle of discovering how talented they both are.

Being in the fall play is a huge time commitment. Auditions took place at the end of last school year. Students practice every day after school for about two hours. Along with the mandatory practices the actors and actresses must memorize their lines on their own time.

Junior Brennan Urbi is playing the part of Picasso, he explains that being in the play keeps you very busy, but is a great preparation for going into bigger and better productions. “Being in the play is a blast. Mr. Hayes our director is one of the best in Cedar Rapids and he prepares you very well for future acting opportunities.”

When participating in a musical or play students are rewarded by being able to be someone they usually aren’t. Being involved in theatre at Kennedy is a great experience if you’re just starting off or even if you are already experienced.

“I have always loved performing. It started with dancing and singing and that kind of got me into doing musicals,” Mikah Lunsford, jr., said. “It takes your mind out of your own life and lets you step foot into someone else’s for a change.”

“I enjoy acting for a lot of reasons. First it gives me the chance to act like anyone in the world. Second of all I love to mess with people, acting is a way to make people laugh or cry or hate you or love you,” Urbi said. “Lastly I want to inspire people to make them want to have as much fun as I do on stage.”