Government shutdown impacts Kennedy students


During the government shutdown, a few extra dollars and some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have provided food for Kennedy students on free or reduced budget.  Kennedy’s staff is working together with these students and their parents to make sure these students are getting fed.

The program that helps feed students on free or reduced budget has lost its funding due to the government shutdown.  Approximately 412 students of Kennedy have lost the funding that provides their lunch.

When Bookkeeper Stephanie Cory learned of this, she was very concerned and wanted to do something. “She decided that along with her children, they were going to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to feed these kids,” Cafeteria Manager Cori Nebiker shared.

After talking with Cory and hearing of her plan, the cafeteria staff decided to use some extra money they had sitting aside to help her pay for the sandwiches that were being made.

The cafeteria staff also found more food to help feed these students. “If students didn’t want an item from breakfast and as long as it was packaged, like a carton of milk or cereal, we were able to give the students on free or reduced budget those items to eat for lunch,” Nebiker explained.

The staff has found ways to feed students who lost funding during the government shutdown but, there are still programs in place that students and their parents are applying for so that they are able to get free or reduced lunch again.

Getting and filling out the application for these programs has been made easy by the staff for the families of these students. “The parents and students just have to work with us.” Cory said.

While students wait for their applications to be approved, Kennedy’s staff will continue to provide food for them. “Nobody wants to see anyone go hungry.” Cook Kelly Schmidt said.