Too Cool For School


Olivia Riley-Schmelzer, Writer

Kennedy High School covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Due to the winter weather and extreme lows in temperatures, Kennedy High School has been experiencing several snow days, resulting in a shift in scheduled events such as the GHOSH Assembly, which has been rescheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 5th. As for other events such as the Registration Cruise, the schedule is currently unknown and will depend on future weather conditions.

“We’ll have to make adjustments to our schedule,” Jason Kline, Kennedy Principal, said, “I have no idea at this point because it’s looking like multiple days next week may be too cold for school, so I’m not going to even guess at this point.”

In response to these recent snow days, Kline talked about a new PowerSchool feature for next school year that will alert students of cancellations directly.

“Some people find out through Twitter, some people don’t. Some people find out because their parents told them, some parents don’t tell their kids, some parents

check their emails. So, it will be a lot better with the texting capability,” Kline said.