Kennedy ’14 Grad Scores Summer Internship in Washington D.C.


Kennedy alumnus Geoffrey Dyck

Some Kennedy alumni move on to bigger and better things in their future and become very successful. Geoffery Dyck is one of those people. He had the unique opportunity to serve as an intern to the Secretary of Senate, Julie E. Adams, this summer in Washington D.C.

Geoffrey Dyck is a Luther College senior, having graduated from Kennedy in 2014. This summer during the internship, Dyck learned how a federal elections bill from 1890 can still be relevant in today’s governmental structure.

As part of Dyck’s internship he wrote biographies of past senators which will be featured on the United States Senate website. He also attended political seminars hosted by current congressmen and congresswomen.

“I learned research and communication skills that will not only help me as I complete my senior year here at Luther, but will also help me as I transition to the ‘real’ world,” Dyck said.

Approximately 10 percent of Luther students take an internship for academic credit each academic year. The college’s Career Center assists students with their internship search through resume preparation, networking, online internship searches, career fairs, on-campus interviewing, and connecting the student to the college’s Alumni Internship Program.

Students also meet with a faculty adviser prior to the internship to create a learning plan that includes goals and assessment benchmarks. An internship work supervisor assists in the process by writing an evaluation of the student. A self-reflection form is completed by students as well to help finalize the learning experience.

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