Senior Year


Erica Gouchee, News Editor

Every high schooler looks forward to their senior year. But it comes with a cost. Not only a cost of money but also of your time.

Prom, graduation, college applications. These are all major parts of your senior year and they can come with a high price tag.

For prom girls buy expensive prom dresses and shoes and jewelry while guys buy dinner, tickets, rent tuxes, and of course corsages and boutineers.

For graduation you have to buy food, drinks and dessert and put the time into sorting through pictures, decorating the venue and writing thank you cards to everyone who came to help you celebrate.

And applying for college is a huge time commitment and also very stressful. You have to write essays and fill out the applications and remember everything you have done from your freshman year to now.

Any extra curricular activities, community service and honors or awards need to be included when you are submitting an application.
But even after you have applied you still have the stress of waiting to see if you got accepted.

Even with all these costs you still have to make time for your friends and family because for some it will be the last you will see of them for a long while. Your senior year is one of your best. So make it count.