AP Assembly

“Yes I do. I think it is a great opportunity to celebrate academic work ethic and risk. There are a lot of kids on the stage who worked hard to get there.” -Melissa Osborn

Jake Corkery, Writer

The AP Scholar Assembly is an annual assembly that honors students that strive for excellence in the classroom. The Ghosh AP Scholarship Program is also awarded during the assembly, which partially pays for AP testing fees.

The staff, students, and many members of the Kennedy community are grateful for the opportunities given by the school and Dr. Ghosh. However, others think these opportunities do not warrant their own whole school assembly, which includes pulling students not involved in AP classes out of class.

Torch asked a few members of the Kennedy community this question: “Some people say that the AP Ghosh Assembly rewards excellence while others think it is a waste of time. Do you think that involving the entire school in the assembly is purposeful?”