Search for scholarships


Erica Gouchee , Writer

Senior year means thinking about college and with that comes thinking about how to pay for higher education.

The counseling staff at Kennedy has set up a workshop for seniors to come in and get some guidance in filling out scholarship applications and even college applications.

“It is an opportunity to have seniors come in and work on scholarship applications, but more than anything it is just to give them some time and space to do that,” Counselor Elizabeth Wessels said.

For many seniors it is hard to find time in their day to get help with filling out all of the forms and essays that come along with these application. “We are going to meet the students where they are in filling out these applications and to give them some guidance on how to complete them,” Wessels said.

The workshop that took place yesterday was the first of many to come if students continue to express the need for help with college and scholarship planning.

“I need money for college and I need to know how to get scholarships,” Jordan Lange, sr., said. She is one of the students who attended the workshop to get help with finding scholarships that apply to her.

“I think most people aren’t thinking about it (how the workshop could help),” Lange said. “They’re just going to go with it.”

The workshops will be held on December 10th and December 17th during SMART lunch A and B tutorials in lab 220. “Depending on the outcome we may plan some for January as well,” Wessels said.