Black Friday shopping

David Haines

Photo from Creative Commons.

Brooke McNeal, Writer

This year’s Nov. 27 Black Friday shopping day may bring to mind long lines, store camp-outs, and people running through the aisles for the best deals.  As crazy as the day can be, a lot of people participate — you just need a game plan.

“Divide and conquer,” Kyle Huber, jr., said.

This plan works for him and his family whenever they decide to go Black Friday shopping.  Huber is usually on the hunt for electronics.

Black Friday shopping has been a longtime tradition in Huber’s family. After Thanksgiving dinner, they take off to find the best deals. Staying up late can be hard, though.

“I always take a Red Bull with me to stay awake,” Huber said.

Others Kennedy students take Black Friday shopping less seriously, such as Tasneem Sadok, jr., who goes with her friends and not her family. Sadok has been going since her freshmen year and expressed mixed feelings about the event.

“The first time I went I had recently moved to Iowa and wanted to experience the shopping options,” Sadok said.

As for staying up until the early hours of the morning, she has a slightly different strategy than Huber.

“A good cup of coffee goes a long way,” Sadok said.

One student even “inherited” the Black Friday tradition. Grace Moes, jr., started going when her grandma didn’t want to go anymore, so she took her spot. Moes has been going for five years now.

“It’s a tradition in my family because we use it as bonding time,” Moes said.