Kennedy Torch

Kennedy Torch

Prepare to be amazed

Prepare to be amazed

April 23, 2015

The Plain Brown Wrapper

Brant Barnhart, Writer

March 19, 2015

For the 46th year at Kennedy, the Plain Brown Wrapper is being published. “The Plain Brown Wrapper is a literary magazine, which means that students and staff from Kennedy can enter stories like non-fiction and fiction pr...

Kennedy hosts state speech

Joey Riley, Writer

March 17, 2015

Performers from all around the state flooded through Kennedy's doors last Saturday, March 14, to compete in the Individual State Speech competition. Twenty four out of 28 performers a part of the Kennedy speech team received division...

Kennedy students go to All-State for Speech

Emily Sass

February 26, 2015

After a long season starting in December, 44 Kennedy students made it to All-State for Speech. “We had a good season because we have a lot of talented students and fun pieces that we are doing and everyone put in the wor...

A must-see movie: Whiplash

A must-see movie: Whiplash

Rowan Bergen, Writer

February 25, 2015

Review of The Interview: a perspective on the controversy

Naomi Hofferber

January 30, 2015

Where does freedom of speech begin to threaten societies? One of the most controversial topics ringing in the new year revolved around a Hollywood film, The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. The film, spoiler ...

Kennedy band carnival

Kennedy band carnival

January 23, 2015

Arts and Culture