Show Choir In the Spotlight


Kaylia Richards

Chanteurs performing “Dream Girls” at Raise the Roof.

Show choir allows students to express themselves through song and dance. It is also beneficial by letting students get out of their comfort zone. Students create memories with their friends, and team mates during the season.

Kennedy High school’s three show choirs, including Happiness INC., Protégé, and Chanteurs competed at Davenport’s Great River Show Choir competition, February 22nd.

Happiness INC. performed a show that included features and jokes. They went up against many groups, and were lucky enough to be one out of the six varsity groups to make it into finals. They performed once more and placed third. Some members of Happiness weren’t ecstatic about placing third, but felt positive about their placement.

Leah Hiemstra, jr, in Happiness. Hiemstra has been in show choir since middle school and wanted to continue show choir because of how much she enjoys it.

“I’m pretty okay with [placing third in finals] because competing against all those people, like it’s really fun. But it’s really hard as well. So I think third is pretty good for us,” Hiemstra said.

Protégé competed against many choirs, and emerged victorious. They left Davenport with the first place trophy.

Chanteurs received fifth place out of the six competing groups in their division. Though Chanteurs placed lower, they were content with the ranking and still felt that they showed the competitors and audience a good show. 

Lynnea Stuart ,fr., is in Chanteurs. She has been part of the show choir ‘family’ since eighth grade.

“I would have been happy if we got in the top three. But again, the other groups were like varsity level,” Stuart said. “I think we did a good job, and we had fun.