Homecoming On a Budget


Provided by Daniel Juarez

Daniel Juarez and date attending the 2018 homecoming dance.

Everyone loves tradition, that’s what homecoming is all about. However traditions are expensive and not everyone is able to afford them. 

When preparing for homecoming, students tend to make multiple purchases.

 “I mean the basics are really just clothes, dress shirt, bowtie, suspenders, or something to make sure you look snazzy. Tickets are also a must of course,” said Daniel Juarez, jr. 

Most students neglect to take a look at how much homecoming really costs. 

“By the end of preparing, I usually spend about $150,” said Nicholas Bernard, jr.

For most families, $150 is not reasonable for one night. Homecoming does not have to be expensive.

 “Go to places that sell used dresses. It can also be helpful to look in clearance sections in stores,” said Quinn Wilson, jr.

Spending money on a new outfit is not the only option.  

“Share clothes. If I don’t have a bow tie of a certain color, because you have to be coordinated…instead of going out and buying one every year, I can just ask my friend if they have the tie I need,” said Juarez.

After you put together your outfit and get ready, the expenses don’t stop. Dinner before homecoming is a tradition that everybody wants to take part in, but it’s not always possible. Depending on the restaurant, you can add $10 to $20 to your homecoming total. 

“Eat cheap. The restaurant doesn’t have to be fancy in order to have a good time,” said Bernard.

Homecoming is an event that is meant to be enjoyed. Even when the cost is an issue, there are things you can do to have a fun and affordable homecoming. Finding ways to cut costs wherever possible can be beneficial to all students, not just those who are on a tighter budget. 

“I think if you really want to go, most people can find a way to go,” said Juarez.