A Splash of Color


Natalia Semaan

The women’s bathroom stall near the gym, prior to being painted.

During high school, students are trying to come up with exciting and large ideas to figure out how they want to be remembered. 

Zelda Siegel, jr., hopes to leave Kennedy a little more beautiful before she graduates. Siegel plans on working with other students who like to dive into their artistic side of themselves as well, Siegel chose to paint the bathrooms by the IMC.

“I was thinking about some type of way to do some kind of school group project before I graduate, and to make my mark,” Siegel said.  

Siegel put up submission forms throughout the school, allowing students to share their ideas on what to paint with her. She is more than happy to have students who share her passion for the arts to help out in the painting of the stalls.

Originally planning on painting classroom walls throughout the school, Siegel decided it would be easier and more accessible to paint the bathroom stalls instead. She wanted to incorporate her love for painting and to make the school look nicer.

Siegel is hoping to get the project rolling in a few weeks. At that point she will go through and decide what she is going to paint.