Kennedy Torch

Sizzling competition

Linder neck and neck with a competitor

Hadley Rittgers, Writer & Photographer

June 10, 2015

We are the champions

We are the champions

Hadley Rittgers, Writer & Photographer

May 29, 2015

Nice work if you can get it

Nice work if you can get it

Hadley Rittgers, Writer & Photographer

April 23, 2015

Participating in autism awareness day

Hadley Rittgers, Writer & Photographer

April 10, 2015

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month and all across the world people are participating in Autism Awareness Day or “Light It Up Blue” day. Famous landmarks like the Empire State building and the Eiffel Tower are lit...

Kennedy women’s track takes off

Hadley Rittgers, Writer and Photographer

March 30, 2015

Kennedy women’s track season is off to a great start. Last week on Tuesday, March 17 they competed in their first meet, which was the MVC Women’s Indoor Meet at UNI. Teams were not scored at this meet but there were fourteen...

One campaign and penny wars

Hadley Rittgers, Writer

January 22, 2015

Kennedy’s Penny Wars fundraiser is off to a great start! It began Monday, January 19 and will continue through Friday, January 30. Last year Kennedy raised about $10,000, and this year we hope to reach that same goal. The mo...

Life after high school seminars

Hadley Rittgers, Writer

December 21, 2014

Kennedy now offers “Life After High School” seminars once a month during SMART lunch. These seminars are aimed for juniors and seniors who want to plan for the future, although it is offered to freshmen and sophomores as w...

Fall Leadership Retreat

October 22, 2014

Every year Kennedy has a fall leadership retreat. It’s a way for the Student leaders at Kennedy to interact with each other and learn from each other. It is an all-day event at Squaw Creek in Marion on Wednesday Nov. 5. Roughly...

From the issue: S.M.A.R.T. lunch affects food waste at Kennedy

Hadley Rittgers, Writer

October 3, 2014

Americans are wasting tons of food each year, without even knowing it. All that food being thrown into the garbage starts to add up fast. The average American throws away about 25 percent of food and drinks purchased. This adds...

Students attempt to break Guiness world record

Duck mascot helps brings attention to T-shirts sold for the duck duck goose game tonight.

Lead writer Hadley Rittgers, assisted by Rowan Bergen, Writer

September 27, 2014

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