One campaign and penny wars

Hadley Rittgers, Writer


Kennedy’s Penny Wars fundraiser is off to a great start! It began Monday, January 19 and will continue through Friday, January 30. Last year Kennedy raised about $10,000, and this year we hope to reach that same goal. The money raised during this fundraiser goes toward meal packaging for Kids Against Hunger. This event will take place on April 17.

Mr. Carolin, head of the One Campaign [which includes the Penny Wars] said, “This is a really great opportunity for Kennedy students and staff to give back and help [out] people who are in far dire circumstances than we can even imagine being in.”

Along with fundraising, Kennedy students and staff can help out by buying One Campaign t-shirts. They are ten dollars each or thirteen dollars for XXL. The profit made from the shirt sales also goes towards Kids Against Hunger.

“Buying one t-shirt can help feed 20 children,” said Carolin.

There will also be a basketball game dedicated to the One Campaign. “We will have One Night at basketball on February 10,” Caroline said.

Carolin is also planning an improv night, talent show, and race all dedicated to the One Campaign. Caroline said that the race is a 0.0 run. He added, “The finish line is only one foot away from the starting line. Winners for the race will be determined by lottery. Anybody can win this race. Even non-runners can win this race.”

The One Campaign is a way that we can help people in need by donating even just a few dollars.

“We’re all fortunate here and there are people who are far, far less fortunate and if we can help them out, I think that’s a great thing,” Carolin said.