Sizzling competition


Provided by Reece Linder

Linder neck and neck with a competitor

As the weather heats up, so does the competition. Summer is upon us, and what better way to spend it than training for a race? Many students at Kennedy have plans to do just that.

Summer races offered in Iowa range from the common 5k-foot race, to hardcore triathlons and army mud runs. Reece Linder, jr., will be spending most of his summer training for triathlons and the coming cross-country season.

“I prefer triathlons because I get a mix of the three sports,” Linder said.

But that doesn’t stop him from setting goals for 5k races. He plans on running about 250 miles altogether this summer and wants to reclaim his victory of first place in the Walker, Iowa 5k.

As race season begins athletes look to their local stores for running gear. Tad Hulst, manager of Running Wild on Center Point Road, has had a passion for running ever since he was a child. His job gives him the opportunity to reach out to people with the same passion. He helps old runners and new runners alike and loves to see their growing interest in the sport.

“We love to see new runners come out. That gets us more excited because we’re trying to get new people involved in it,” Hulst said.

Running Wild sponsors races every year, and loves to be an active part of the running community.

“We like to support as many local races as we can,” Hulst said.

Along with Linder, student Sarah Cheramy will be training over the summer. She plans on running the Fourth of July 5k downtown and a half-marathon in the coming months. Her training consists of a goal to reach 400 miles by the end of the summer and have a 5k time of 21 minutes.

“I race more for fun. Just for my personal goals and what I really want to achieve in my running career,” Cheramy said.

For Linder and Cheramy, summer races help prepare them for the coming cross-country season.

“It gives you that extra push to prepare you so that you know what’s ahead of you,” Cheramy said.

Amanda Falck, a Kennedy social studies teacher, has made running her hobby. She loves the health benefits, and will be running the Twilight 5k at the Robins Roundup this summer.

“It [running] makes you feel more energized and excited,” Falck said. “It’s nice to clear your mind and have no distractions. It’s a good activity for everyone to try and there are a lot of health benefits.”

When training for any type of race it’s important to build up gradually with mileage, otherwise injuries can occur. According to, simple tips for racing success include eating the right foods, running the route beforehand, and staying calm rather than stressed.

Cheramy encourages others to stay positive while running. The sport is supposed to be fun and rewarding.

“Even the best people have set backs and fall outs but, as long as you stay motivated and keep going you can get there,” Cheramy said.

“Enjoy it. It’s supposed to be a fun and lifelong event and I think that’s the greatest thing about this sport,” Hulst said.