Fall Leadership Retreat

Every year Kennedy has a fall leadership retreat. It’s a way for the Student leaders at Kennedy to interact with each other and learn from each other. It is an all-day event at Squaw Creek in Marion on Wednesday Nov. 5. Roughly one hundred ninth and tenth graders are selected to attend this retreat.

Teachers select students based on their leadership qualities, or if teachers think a student could benefit from being around other students who show leadership qualities. During the day students participate in different activities.

“They (students) are divided up into several different groups, and each group is responsible for covering a specific topic that deals with leadership,” Language Arts  teacher, Katie Bova said. “Whether that’s through a skit, an activity, or a hands-on type of craft. Then students rotate so they are able to interact with different students, different group members, and try to address as many of the stations as possible throughout the day.”

These activities help Kennedy students get to know each other, lead others, and have fun together. There are about 130 people in all who go, including junior and senior leaders and staff leaders. By attending this retreat, students are able to exercise their leadership skills and help others.

“On the leadership retreat we did a bunch of group bonding activities,” Kelly Breja, jr., said. “I learned what it means to be a leader and what it takes to be a leader.”

“I think it helps enhance some of the qualities they (students) already possess, but also allows them to apply some things that they can bring back into the school environment and put into their real lives,” Bova said.