Freshman Title, Varsity Talent

Luke Martin, Writer

Photo provided by The Gazette.
Photo provided by The Gazette.

The Kennedy men’s varsity tennis team kicked off their season on Tuesday April 14. Two of their key players are freshmen Rami Hemaidan and Matt Ramundo. The two freshmen have talent beyond their years and now play in the top six spots on varsity. Ramundo played at the number six spot in their first match. Hemaidan plays in the number one spot.

Q: “What is the best advice you have received while becoming a better tennis player?”

A: “The most important advice I’ve received is that mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness,” Ramundo said.

Q: “What is it like being a freshmen that plays varsity?”

A: “It feels great playing up with better players, it’s been a great experience,” Hemaidan said.

Q: “What motivates you to continue your success in the game of tennis?”

A: “My goals motivate me to work very hard so I can be successful and achieve them,” Hemaidan said.

Q: “Do you have any advice for other young athletes trying to improve?”

A: “If you’re really interested in getting better play as often as possible,” Matt Ramundo said.

The two have bright futures in store. They are continuing to work hard to achieve their goals in the next four years at Kennedy.