Teacher Spaces Promote Community


Emma Beachner

Teachers brought their own decorations to set up in the spaces.

Teachers’ common spaces have been implemented at Kennedy after the recent removal of teachers’ appliances. The school district removed these appliances in an attempt to conserve energy. 

Fridges, microwaves and coffee makers have been placed into these common spaces around the school.

Teachers use the spaces for bonding with each other and for staff dinners. Some staff have even taken to putting up decorations in the rooms. 

Kennedy secretary Lesa Neff finds the spaces to be beneficial. Working above one of the common spaces allows Neff to greet teachers coming to or leaving the space in the lower IMC. She sees a growing number of people using the spaces for lunch.

Common spaces are outfitted with microwaves, coffee makers and refrigerators. (Emma Beachner)

Neff also said spaces like the lower IMC are useful for staff meetings too large for normal classrooms.

As more teachers continue to use them, the school is adding new spaces for easier access. 

“Not all teachers had individual appliances before, so the new spaces are more convenient for them,” said Neff.