Kennedy Boy’s Basketball Moves Into Post Season


Merideth Langton

Senior Jackson Bowman goes for a dunk in a game against Linn Mar.

The Kennedy boys varsity basketball team had a magnificent season with a total of 18 wins and  three losses in their regular season. The team was also the MVC Valley Division champions for the first time since 2010 due to their record of 14 wins and 1 loss. 

Colby Dolphin led the team with an impressive 299 points this season, which averages 14 points and two assists per game. Kenzie Reed followed close behind with a total of 267 points this season, averaging 12 points and three assists per game. 

Basketball is about teamwork and the Cougars have spent all season building their team, from their practices to cheering their teammates on while they’re playing. One of senior Jackson Bowman’s favorite parts of the season are the bus rides.They all talk and laugh and bond as a team. 

“It’s just been a great season, we’re led by nine seniors. Not all of them have the same exact roles on the team but they all do a part to help lead us to the success that we have,” said Kennedy’s boy’s basketball coach, Jon McKowen.

Now the post season has begun. Due to their impressive season, the Cougars were a top-two team and earned a bye in the first round of the sub-state tournament. 

“One of the goals is to get a bye and you get to host the second-round game, so it becomes quite an advantage to have that bye and get to host that second round,” said McKowen

Friday, Feb. 25, they play against Linn-Mar in the second round of the state tournament. Linn-Mar has had a total of 11 wins and 12 losses during their regular season. 

 “I think tomorrow’s game is going to be good, we’ve had all week to prepare, and I think we’re going to get the win,” said Bowman.