Iowa All-State Auditions Come to a Close

Jersey Bilyeu, Writer

On Oct 23, 44 Kennedy musicians gathered at Independence High School to audition for placement in the annual Iowa All-State Choir, Orchestra or Band. 

Those selected for the choir were seniors Becca Warfield, Laci McHenry, Kira Overstreet, and Kameron White, junior Elizabeth Goff, and sophomore Owen Kilgore.

Selected for the orchestra were seniors Aidyn Ball and Jasmine Hartney, and junior Erin Renshaw.

The band students selected were senior Ellie Wilkes, junior Ian Burrack, sophomore Luke Wedel, and freshman Delaney Steenblock. Junior Charlotte Ottemoeller and freshman Kieran Glessner got alternate positions.

These participants will be playing in the All-State music festival Nov. 18-20 in Ames, Iowa.