COVID-19 Cancels Cougar Traditions


Ayrianna Sherwood

COVID-19 is threatening Kennedy pep assemblies for the 2021-2022 school year

Due to COVID-19 cases throughout CRCSD, the district put restrictions on whole school events, such as pep assemblies. Kennedy students and staff look forward to the entertainment and adrenaline in the gym while they sing songs, chant and cheer each other on. 

For students, pep assemblies are a competition. As soon as all the green and gold dressed students enter the gym, they are ready to win. The seasonal pep assemblies acknowledge the seasonal sports and get students excited to support their peers. 

Aaron Stecker, the Activities Director, gets ready to support his students and see them being themselves in the stands during the pep assemblies. 

“It’s always fun to be on the floor especially during the spirit stick games, it’s fun to see students go and release and kinda be themselves and be silly, ” Stecker said. 

Students are ready to get back into the gym.

Because of COVID-19 Kennedy High School has not been able to hold a pep assembly for over a year. For 2021 freshman and sophomores, they have never experienced the feeling of being in the gym during an assembly. Senior Mariah Dewulf hopes she can share the excitement with her peers one more time before she graduates.

“The energy in the gym is amazing, it’s so thrilling and exciting and one of my favorite parts of highschool, ” Dewulf said. 

As COVID-19 continues to cancel pep assemblies, everybody is wondering, will they be back?