Who Am I

I am born on a Monday at St. Luke’s Hospital

Cedar Rapids, Iowa,

USA – 

Our world recovering 


From the 9/11 attack.


I am born not long from the time 

Or far from the place


My grandparents were found 

Closing their shoe store

having no money or security 

searching for a better quality of life

having to work longer, complex hours


to come up with enough to put on the table 


their children being deprived of an education

sleeping, not knowing what they would wake up to

begging for the answers to their questions

so that today – 

November 25th, 2002

And every day from this moment on,

Everybody can grow up having a structured education

Can grow up knowing. 


I am born in Iowa but 

the stories of my grandparents 

are already a part

of who I am today.