Headlights in Deer

headlights in ;deer A

(like) sometimes feel, i


forward thought my bring cannot and


;world this into







out you show cannot i

correctly, thgiarts

see cannot i





before birth without universe a in.


?i am

sdrawkcab is time ;nezorf ma i



(Please note: This is the poem backwards)


I am frozen; time is backwards,

am I? stuck. in a universe without birth before death.

i cannot see 

straight, correctly

i cannot show you out 



im starting to get sucked

into this world;


and cannot bring my thought forward



i, feel sometimes (like)

a deer; in headlights



Some meaning behind it:

A universe where time runs backwards. There is no “we” mentioned, just “i’ and “you” because it’s too late for the current person to go back, being sucked into becoming backwards. The message is warped in a warning. Secretly the person sending this warning has hope that person will escape, though they don’t know how. As the poem progresses backwards (not reading it backwards) the words start to get morphed backwards as well, seeing time is running out. The word “death” and it’s placement are the only thing in it’s right order. (either way you read death before birth) it will always say someone will die before they are born. It symbolizes the only escape of this place, though you’ll only run backwards in time and live again. But there is still a loophole for escape through it, though the person expressing the poem does not know it. The term “headlights in deer” is obviously “deer in headlights” backwards. This goes to the fact where the person expressing this poem is stuck and frozen in this place. They can’t do anything as they watch their life fall into a backwards routine, remembering less and less and can’t do anything to fix it. It’s too late for the person saying the poem. And if you didn’t read it backwards, it’s too late for you to.