Plans Change Again Due to COVID Numbers


All classes in the Cedar Rapids Community School District have shifted to required remote learning as of Nov. 12. All extra-curricular activities have been paused. The Cedar Rapids School District now plans on reopening on Dec. 7 instead of Dec. 11, even though the numbers have not significantly improved. The back and forth of these plans have been numerous. 

“We are monitoring the situation daily and will use data and public health guidance in our decision-making process when requesting permission to move to remote learning from the Department of Education,” Noreen Bush, the Superintendent of CRCSD said in an announcement to the district. “We know that the amount of stress on our staff, students and families is incredibly challenging.”

The College Community School District was doing a hybrid learning plan. However, their cases have spiked in the past few weeks. As of November 12, there were 72 actively positive students or staff and 557 individuals in quarantine, causing a 3.9% absenteeism rate due to illnesses. The College Community School District has decided to stay online until Dec. 14.

Other schools have not made the call to pause in-person schooling. The Linn Mar district has been doing a hybrid plan with 50% in-person and 50% online. Linn Mar has not updated their plans, despite having a total of 25 positive cases, and 218 students and staff quarantined in the week before the switch.

In the past week, Marion Independent Schools District had 15 students and 8 staff members who have tested positive for COVID. The individuals who are ill are directed to self-isolate and take the appropriate measures according to public health guidelines. 

According to a Xavier staff member, their district has been doing hybrid learning and are expected to stay the same as of now.