Senior Goodbye: Tate Weaver


Senior year, a literal drag, but a worthwhile experience. Most kids say they’ll cut back on classes, do less activities, and have a lot more fun. However, I completely disagree. Senior year may not have been my most fun, but it was my last year to meet my grades, my last year to see all my friends, and my last year to do activities before I head off to college. I’m not one to boast myself or to ridicule others of their high school decisions. I had a full schedule and online class my senior year, just to make sure I could still do the classes I love (like Torch) and be prepared for college.
To any underclassmen, I recommend not slowing down in high school, especially if you plan on going to college. Slowing down and limiting yourself gives you more leisure time, but with my experiences I would rather be more prepared than underprepared. It is also my last high school year. I took it upon myself to expand my horizon. I had German 4 with some of the kids I’ve known since freshman year. I met a bunch of teachers who actually cared about me (trust me they care, you just have to be cooperative). I took French 1 and met a bunch of freshmen who are actually decent, I took Composition (a writing class and 10/10 recommend) which helped combat the fear of writing eight-page essays. I did four sports my senior year and worked on top of that. Was it hard, yeah, but it was worth it. Do not limit yourself, if you want to go play a sport, go do it. You think that kid over there is cool, go talk to them. It is high school, express yourself.