A New “Huddle” at Kennedy


Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo.

Olivia Haefner, Co Editor-in-chief

A fellowship of Christian athletes, “huddle group” will be starting this fall at Kennedy High School and everyone is welcome to join.

“I’m excited to see what this year brings. I’ve never been in FCA before, but I’ve heard really good things about the huddle groups and how it helps students and athletes,” Rylee Ervin, jr., said.

FCA has a specific purpose and has been working with coaches and young people since 1954.

“I think the purpose of FCA is to strengthen students and coaches faith and help them connect more as people,” Allison Pecinovsky, sr., said.

An FCA “huddle” is a group of students who come together on a regular basis to talk about, big issues and to study God’s word. These are student-led meetings with facility support. There are over 7000 huddle groups around the country, including many in eastern Iowa.

“Students can join the group, but other facility members help out, all clubs at Kennedy must have a sponsor,” Ervin said.

Student leaders help plan regular meetings, and work with facility sponsors throughout the year.

“Mr. Stecker and Mr. Hoyer stepped up and are the facility sponsors this year, along with the student leaders including me, Parker Maxwell, Reese Manternach and others,” Pecinovsky said.

FCA uses camps, ministry to coaches and the community, and dynamic programs on college, high school and, middle school campuses.

“FCA tries to connect students and coaches through sports. FCA wants to find a common goal in students, athletes, and coaches to worship Christ,” Ervin said.

FCA focus is to make an impact on interdenominational, school-based, Christian sports ministry in America.

“Having other people in your school environment to lean on and talk about big issues with is really important and can impact you in ways you don’t even realize,” Ervin said, “I think this is a big step for Kennedy students to grow strong in their faith and have other people to lean on at Kennedy.”