How do you Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Claire Fluent, Writer

Mother’s Day has been held on the second Sunday of every May since 1914. It is a National Holiday meant to honor mothers, motherhood, and the influence of mothers in society. This year Mother’s Day fell on Sunday, May 15.

Students around Kennedy have their own unique ways of celebrating.

“Every year for Mother’s Day my family and I have been taking my mom to her favorite restaurant and showing her how much she means to us.” fr., Avery Hanson said.

The most traditional way of celebrating in the U.S. is with a breakfast in bed. Whether it be presented by children or a spouse, it is and always has been a frequent trend in the U.S.

“My sister and I always make my mom a breakfast in bed,” Anna Gary, so., said, “It’s usually pancakes with strawberries and powdered sugar on the top.”

Of all flowers bought throughout the year, those bought for Mother’s Day make up about one fourth of the purchases. The most populous flowers purchased are carnations; pink, red, and white. Other common gifts given are books, cards, spa trips, and jewelry.