DAPL protests come to Cedar Rapids

All across the nation, citizens have stood together to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Last week, on Dec. 1, Cedar Rapids experienced a protest of about 25 people outside of downtown Wells Fargo.

Today, Dec. 9, the US Bank in downtown Cedar Rapids is expecting a protest outside of their building.

The Vice President of US Bank sent out an e-mail yesterday, informing the employees of what is to be expected of the protesters.

Demonstrators are allowed to stand on public property, peacefully parade, chant slogans, hold up signs, and shout verbal expressions. Demonstrators are not allowed to trespass on private property, threaten to harm people, interfere with ingress or egress, and break peace among passersby.

If anyone is felt threatened by the protesters, the Vice President has asked them to contact Security Control Center, for the protection of the employees.