Randy Whitehead


Photo by Caitlyn Fisher and Hugh Banderbob

Maddy Crist , Editorial Editor

Q: How long have you worked at Kennedy?

A: This is my 10th year.

 Q: Can you describe to me what kinds of students or classes you work with on a daily basis?

A: I work in the Learning Center all day with special education students.

 Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching the students at Kennedy?

A: I enjoy working with the wide variety of kids that we have here.

 Q: How do you feel about leaving Kennedy this year?

A: I’ll miss working with the kids and the staff here at Kennedy.

 Q: Do you have a favorite memory from working here?

A: Watching kids grow and mature over 4 years.

 Q: What is your next step after leaving Kennedy?

A: I plan on subbing, traveling, and golfing.