Ricki Shulte


Photo by Caitlyn Fisher and Hugh Banderob

Maddy Crist , Editorial Editor

Q: How long have you worked at Kennedy?

A: 23 years

 Q: Can you give me a job description of the position you have at Kennedy?

A: Keep track of physical dates and concussion forms-keep the coaches updated with expired form; get transportation for teams; claim sheets-rosters-cashboxes ready for game days; type purchase orders; get rosters from coaches and put into the conference website; check grades; keep track of accounts for all sports and cheerleading; do certificates for banquets; GPA certificates and state GPA certificates; worked boys and girls basketball games, track meets, and cross country meets; plus various other jobs that arise in the activities office.

Q: What was your favorite part of this job?

A: Probably when the teams would make state and all the craziness that goes with getting them ready to go. I remember well when the baseball won the state championship a few years back—my sons both played baseball when they were here so that was extra special.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from working here?

A: Not really one particular favorite. My first three and a half years here were as the Attendance Secretary and the rest have been as Activities Secretary. Each season is the same in some respects and different in others so there are many great memories.

Q: How do you feel about leaving Kennedy this year?

A: Excited

Q: If you had one last farewell for the students and faculty at Kennedy what would you say?

A: Kids—study hard but enjoy your high school years as they do go by fast. Staff—keep up the great work educating our students. Support staff—keep up your great work in keeping Kennedy running. I will miss seeing all of you on a daily basis. ALL of you are what makes Kennedy the great school that it is.

Q: What is your plan after leaving Kennedy?

A: Watching my grandkids play sports. I have a 21 year old step-grandson (Bradyn); 14 year old Sydney who has muscular dystrophy so her activities are different from the rest; 13 year old Raeleigh that plays volleyball, soccer, track and softball for Vinton-Shellsburg; 12 year old Cal who plays football for Taft and Jr J-Hawks baseball; 11 year old Kale playing football, soccer and baseball at Vinton-Shellsburg; and 4 year old Kierran that will start playing soccer this fall for Vinton-Shellsburg. Also I am thinking of doing some volunteer work at Mercy Medical Center and then just doing whatever I fell like doing when I get out of bed.