Video for Seniors

Video for Seniors

Kennedy seniors are making a video to be played at graduation to show their appreciation for their teachers, peers, and family members.

“We’re trying to capture all the seniors thanking certain people whether it’s teachers, other students, family members, etc.,” Kyle Minor, jr., said.

Minor along with other students from Dr. Ayer’s perspectives class are helping make the video.

“I just want to say thanks to Dr. Ayers for making this whole project possible and thanks for helping us along the way with the experience,” Minor added.

Dr. Ayers is also helping the students put together the video for graduation.

“The Senior Video is something that last year Mr. Kline suggested that the senior class do to have at graduation…he just thought it would be cool to have some sort of video where the seniors could collectively say good-bye and thank you,” Ayers said.

When planning for making the video, Ayers decided along with Principal Jason Kline, that the video would be under ten minutes long, and they should get as many people in the video as possible.

“I put to my perspectives class, do they want to do this?” Ayers said. Last year there was a smaller group who helped with the video, but this year Ayers’ entire third hour class is helping out.

The students in charge of the video went out and found students, gave them a chance to record a brief message, and tried to get it promoted on announcements as well.

“I like to see as many different types of students involved in having a chance to thank a teacher that meant something to them,” Ayers said.