5 ways to stay healthy during the winter

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Graphic by Peggy Wang

1.)    Wash Your Hands- You hear it all the time, but it’s because it works. Hand washing can destroy viruses you may have gotten from surfaces you’ve touched and keep you from getting sick. While there is no true substitute to basic soap and warm water, hand sanitizers and hand wipes are a good placeholder when hand washing is unavailable.

2.)    Keep Stress Levels Low- Stress has been proven to make you more vulnerable to illness such as the cold or the flu. You can minimize your stress easily by spending more time with family or friends and sleeping.

3.)    Take a Cold Shower- It sounds strange but it can actually reduce your risk of getting colds, along with improving circulation and skin tone.

4.)    Eat Raw Garlic- Make sure you brush your teeth after this one. Eating raw garlic can release healthy chemicals into your system and ward off a cold.

5.)    Get Fresh Air- Studies have proven that air inside buildings can be two to five times more unhealthy than outside air. By getting rid of the stale air indoors and replacing it with fresh air, you can keep yourself from getting sick.


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