Drive for Awareness

On Tuesday, April 28, Kennedy hosted the Bone Marrow Drive in the upper IMC to raise money for those who need a bone marrow transplant.

A total of 86 students signed up for it, ten of which were Xavier students, 70 were Kennedy students, and three adults. That was more people than last year’s drive. More than $800 was raised by the drive.

Teacher Brad Horton said, “I was really happy with the support that we had from the students…25% of the senior class. I thought that was a pretty good turnout.”

Halle Rittgers, jr.,  helped with the drive. Rittgers helped donors register to donate as they came in.  “We did some fundraising and one of the days we went to Newbo and handed out fliers and got some donations as well,” Rittgers said.

Donors, when they came in to donate, had to fill out a registration form and then had their cheek swabbed to get their DNA to send off.

There was an increase of attendance at the Bone Marrow Drive by ten people from last year to this year.

“So I think those ten Xavier students really helped,” Rittgers said. “I had a really fun time doing it and anyone who is 18 or older should register.”

So if or when you turn at least 18, will you register to donate for those who need a Bone Marrow transplant?