Mr. Cougar pageant results

Maddie Herlocker & Jade Milota

Beauty, poise, confidence, and school spirit.

That’s what it took for senior Terence Hall to take home the title of Mr. Cougar. Along with the crown, he won two free tickets to Kennedy prom.

Sam Hanzelka was one of seven seniors who participated. “I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to raise money for prom.” 

The main goal of the event was to raise money for the senior class prom but the overall outcome was laughter and entertainment. By the end of the night the senior class raised about 500 dollars for prom which was more than expected.

“The experience was priceless,” senior class President Fatima Elsheikh said. “I only hope that this tradition continues.”

The contest had an opening dance and afterwards the contestants competed in formal wear, a lip synching contest, casual wear, and a questionnaire session.

The senior males who competed were Ryan Walker, Jason Grobstitch, Kendall Dooley, Hunter Schoenauer, Tanner Stewart, Terrance Hall and Sam Hanzelka.

The seven young men showed support, positivity, and sportsmanship throughout the contest — while also being entertaining.

Among the competitors there were three celebrities who judged the categories: teachers Pat Grady and Joe Benedict, and school resource officer Charity Hansel.

“It’s cool that teachers and students find me as a good representative of the school,” Hall said.