Driving during poor road conditions

Abby Donovan, Sports Editor

Driving in the winter can be a struggle for some people, especially with the most recent snowfall in Cedar Rapids.

Early in the week, beginning Sunday evening Cedar Rapids, along with most of the Midwest received a heavy snowfall totaling in around ten inches and in some places more than that.

All the snowfall on Sunday night made for poor road conditions this week which led to many accidents and heavy traffic. The Cedar Rapids Community School District made the decision to cancel school Monday due to the weather, but even on Tuesday students were showing up to school late because of the road conditions.

“I definitely think it was a good decision to cancel school Monday, but Tuesday the roads didn’t seem any better and the traffic was really backed up,” Anna Fluent jr., said.

Some students argue that people are being a little “too cautious” when driving, but others say that going slower is better, because it won’t cause as many accidents along the way.

“In the winter people don’t know when they should be driving slower than the speed limit or when it’s okay to go the speed limit, people need to be more aware of the road conditions before they start going too fast,” Alli Maiers jr., said.

For new students just learning how to drive it can be scary during the winter with all of the snow on the ground, but a lot of drivers are experienced and should know how careful they have to be.

“I think that during the weather conditions that we’ve recently had people tend to freak out when they drive, but all they need to do is go a little slower,” Brandon Niemeier jr., said.