Sky Zone opens in Cedar Rapids

A new trampoline park is opening in Cedar Rapids called Sky Zone. It was recently completed and is open to the public starting today, Jan 16.

Sky Zone has a SkySlam court, Ultimate Dodgeball and even fitness classes offered on the trampolines.

Sky Zone is now the second trampoline park in Cedar Rapids, AirFx was the first. “It is quite different from an employee point of view skyzone is a bit more structured,” former AirFx employee and current Sky Zone employee, Erica Gouchee, Jr., said. “We have more rules to help make the customers experience amazing so they come back again and for this we had more intensive training.”

It costs anywhere from $8-20 dollars for a jump pass at Sky Zone. You also have to purchase SkySocks, which are $2 and required for every jumper.

“The best part of working at Sky Zone is the energy probably. They’re all about making the best experience possible for everyone and always being positive,” Riley Patton, so., said.

Birthday parties are a huge part of Sky Zone. You can purchase a birthday party package for $349 or $449.

“I have done a lot of training there and have gone in and helped clean and get things ready to open which is actually today, but so far everything has been a great experience and very fun,” Patton said.

“Just the environment of working at a trampoline park is the best because it’s always a fun time and the people I work with too because I am friends with most of them already because we worked at AirFx,” Gouchee said.