Decisions behind winter weather cancellations


School being cancelled or delayed this week was a topic of much discussion today at Kennedy. With the snowy weather coming in to Cedar Rapids, a Winter Storm Warning is currently in place in many counties in Iowa, including Linn County.

Robert Young is a science teacher at Kennedy who teaches, among other things, meteorology. He explained today what exactly is happening with the weather that is a cause for concern.

“There is what’s called an Alberta Clipper coming down from Canada,” Young said. “It’s going to be causing some snow…a warning means we’re very confident that six inches [of snow] is going to happen.”

The Cedar Rapids School District has a policy in place for making weather-related decisions, which reads in part:

“When hazardous weather threatens:The Superintendent/designee will consider input from the Transportation Manager, Custodial and Grounds Manager, area superintendents, and information from local meteorologists and online weather resources.”

Jason Kline, Kennedy’s principal, also shed some light on the decision making process.

“I think the primary factor should be safety. We should be informed as much as possible about the reality of the conditions as we can before the district makes a call,” Kline said.

I think the primary factor should be safety.

— Jason Kline, Kennedy's principal

Many students at Kennedy made it known that they would appreciate another day off of school, but only time will tell if the weather conditions over the next few days merit a change in the schedule.