The start of Kennedy winter sports

Kennedy’s winter sports are now up and running. Our winter sports teams had their first practices on Monday, Nov. 10. Winter sports include men’s swimming, men and women’s basketball, men and women’s bowling, and wrestling? Many of these teams have already begun their season, and the rest will soon follow. With games and meets just around the corner, these athletes are working hard and preparing themselves for the challenges.

The athletes have high hopes for the season. Last year the Kennedy Women’s Basketball team went to the state tournament. The expectations are high this year. Brinley Milbrath, jr., said, “I hope to return to the state tournament. That was a lot of fun and it was a great experience.”
Kennedy athletes have to learn how to manage their time during the season. Alec Hanson, jr., has a lot of experience with this, going into his fifth year of swimming.

“You have to focus. It makes you a lot more efficient (during the season); like you can’t waste time messing around,” Hanson said.

Being a men’s swimmer at Kennedy means committing to morning practices at 5:45, and going to after school practices that run until 7:30 every day.

“I’d like to swim Districts. I’d like to swim several events there, so qualify for that of course, and then I don’t know. Maybe go to state as an alternate if I can,” Hanson said.

Even though the season just started, the first men’s swim meet is just around the corner. It takes place on Tuesday Nov, 25 at Kennedy High school.
The first women’s basketball game is against Davenport Central at Davenport Central. This also takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 25. “I’m ready for this season. I’ve been thinking about basketball season for a while now. I’m ready for a change of sports since I recently just finished out volleyball season,” Milbrath said.