Fire alarms sound again

Xander Riley


Students return to class after evacuating for a false fire alarm on Oct. 31. Investigators are examining the wiring and equipment of the alarm.

Elianna Novitch, Ron Lund, Fatima Elsheikh, Web Editor, Writer

Three fire alarms, two days, and no answers. So far this school year, Kennedy’s fire alarm system has been acting up with false alarms and un-needed visits from the fire department.

“No one has pulled the alarms. There is something wrong with the mechanical system,” Principal Jason Kline said.

After having gone off during zero hour today and again during third hour, staff and students are left looking for answers. “We had people working on it right now when the fire alarm went off,” Kline said shortly after the second alarm incident today.

The fire department that did respond to today’s alarms did not have any answers as to what was causing the system malfunctions.

Kline advises students and staff to continue to follow procedure when the alarms go off no matter what. “Whenever the alarm goes off we have to keep evacuating. By law we have to check and make sure there is no possibility of a fire,” Kline said.

Torch will continue to keep you updated on the latest news about what is going on with the faulty fire alarm system.

One last piece of advice Kline had for students and staff was, “Stay safe and make sure you take your jackets with you if the alarm goes off again.”